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Good quality Sleep

Sleep is the basic necessity of all living organisms for healthy living. During sleep, the muscles and tissues in the body undergo relaxation, healing, and filtration. To achieve these processes effectively, the body should undergo sleep for an adequate amount. Good quality sleep helps in proper blood circulation along with the release of various hormones which helps the brain to feel refreshed, stay focused, enhanced memory, and improved overall work efficiently. Prolonged sleep deprivation also leads to the way the immune system responds and also affects sexual mood.

What To Look Out In A Mattress To Have A Superior Sleeping Experience?

Are you one who is suffering from sleep deprivation, do not worry 93 percent of Indians are in the same category, they too suffer from sleep deprivation getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night on average. There are various reasons and factors involved in this condition. Most of them disturb their sleep pattern due to their poor routine and bad habits. Other factors also include mental health status, hygiene, quality of the mattress, diet, low physical exercise, tension, anxiety, etc.

Poor quality sleep affects the person’s behavior physically, mentally, and emotionally. People stay less focused and least productivity at their workplace, feeling tired. Some people even feel a burning sensation in their eyes.

Common reasons for sleep deprivation:

  • Noisy environment.
  • Improper diet, poor exercise.
  • Emotional disturbance.
  • Excess use of electronic devices.
  • Smoking and drinking frequently.
  • Negative consequences.
  • Not using a good quality mattress.

Healthy sleep habits:

  • Take a short nap of 10-20 minutes whenever required.
  • Exercise daily and stay strong.
  • Replace old mattresses with good-quality mattresses like memory foam mattresses or memory foam ortho mattresses.
  • At night use your smartphone and other display devices in limit.
  • Plan your routine properly if you are working in rotational shift.
  • Practice insomnia Yoga postures and massage your scalp whenever you have difficulty sleeping.

Health effects of sleep deprivation:

  • Prolonged sleep deficiency is linked to various major diseases and even obesity in some age groups.
  • Sleep deprivation causes an imbalance in hormone secretion and also appetite.
  • In children lack of sleep disturbs their natural growth and development.
  • Inadequate sleep disturbs the inflammation process and immunity strength.
  • Poor sleep leads to anxiety, stress, reduced work productivity, and performance in sports.

Sleep facts about Indians:

According to a study conducted by Philips Study by Nielsen, it was found that

  • 93 percent of Indians suffer from sleep deprivation, a condition of not getting the required amount of sleep.
  • 58 percent of Indians state that their work productivity effects due by lack of adequate sleep.
  • 11 percent of Indians feel sleepy at their workplace regularly.
  • 19 percent believe sleep deprivation affects family relationships.
  • 87 percent of Indians accept that lack of sleep affects their health.
  • 72 percent of Indians wake up 1 to 3 times in the night.
  • 5 percent feel stressed critically due to sleep deprivation.
  • 33 percent of Indians snore while sleeping.

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