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Mattress Protectors Is A Must Have For Mattresses

Nowadays, everything is cost-oriented, and the higher the cost, the higher the quality. For example, buying a mattress at a cheap rate will settle for inferior quality. Therefore, you pay so much to buy an expensive mattress, and if you don’t take good care, it would be an unwanted waste. Therefore, the best solution is to buy a mattress protector.

What is a Mattress Protector?

As the name indicates, mattress protectors are the covering for the mattress that maintains the originality of the bed for a more extended period. They protect the mattress from unwanted stains, wear and tear, misuse, accidental spills, and other damages. It acts like a mattress cover, a thick layer but soft material for cushioning purposes. It is a fitted sheet for your bed and protects against bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, etc., making your mattress look new for a more extended period. 

  • They are water-resistant, and you have no trouble getting tension when your child wets the bed during sleep as the mattress protector prevents it from ruining the mattress.
  • You can use a wash and dryer for the mattress protector, and easy to clean, whereas you cannot wash the mattress.
  • Moreover, the mattress warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear, accidental spillings, etc. Therefore, mattress protectors are essential to safe, comfortable, and relaxing sleep.

Here are some of the different types of mattress protectors:

  • Fitted sheet style: This waterproof mattress protector covers the sides and top layer of the mattress so that it doesn’t pile up on top. 
  • Elastic bands: This bed protector covers only the top layer of the bed, well-secured by the stretchy straps on all four corners of the bed. It doesn’t wrap the sides of the mattress, and it is water-resistant also.
  • Encased/zippered:  This is a familiar brand for a king-sized mattress. This king-sized mattress protector covers the entire bed and is usually zippered. It gives maximum protection and extends the life of your bed.
  • Cooling: This waterproof mattress cover keeps the body temperature cool. The gel substance inside removes heat, sweat, and moisture from the body and gives a comforting coolness to your body. Therefore, you don’t sweat while you’re in a deep sleep.
  • Crib/toddler: This is usually a waterproof bed cover, and as the name suggests, it is for child-sized beds. It covers the entire bed for obvious reasons.

Special Features of a Mattress Protector

  • Retains the original mattress by keeping it clean

While sleeping, our body functions involuntarily and produces oil, sweat, etc., which leads to dirt and stains on the mattress’s top layer. The mattress protector helps absorb all the impurities from the body and keeps the bed clean. It is moisture-repellent as the waterproof lamination covers your bed that absorbs and prevents any liquid from damaging your mattress.

  • Health

Some people are prone to allergies, and your bed is the apt place and acts as a host or producer of allergies if not appropriately maintained. It can cause adverse effects on humans, but this waterproof bed cover ensures complete protection and saves you from health issues. This hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, antibacterial protector protects you from bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, etc.

  • Gain extra comfort

It is breathable, and the cushioning effect cradles you, thus keeping you cool and comfortable during sleep. It gives you comfort even after washing it so many times.

Having decided to buy the mattress protector, you can search online and see the various display of the mattress protector. Finding a quality protector is not an easy task, and here are some tips to make it an easy buy.

  • Check the online reviews: First, refer to the star ratings and the customer reviews, which will help you buy them.
  • Breathability: Check for the fabric texture, as most brands use terry cloth, polyester, vinyl, etc., which are moisture-resistant but still allow breathability while repelling water.
  • Length of protection: Check for the mattress protector’s ability to repel any liquid immediately, as only some brands will not allow any liquid to seep through them for an extended period.


Sleep is the predominant and vital thing in this material world for all living beings. If there is no proper sleep, then the whole day is ruined. Imagine that you don’t get adequate sleep for a few days; it will disfunction your body organs, leading to hazardous and chronic health issues. Considering all these aspects and comfort in your mind, you decide to buy an expensive mattress, and the least you expect it to wear and tear within no time. Therefore, the wisest thing is to buy a mattress protector when purchasing a new mattress or for the already existing bed. You can allow the family members to play, eat or spill the food items over the bed without any tension of ruining your favorite expensive bed.

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