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Reasons Why You Need A King Size Mattress

Your sleeping mattress can be your sleep’s best friend or biggest enemy. This is because our 6-8-hour sleep cycle is regulated heavily by our sleep environment. Our bedding is a crucial aspect of our sleep environment, and poor bedding can lead to poor quality of sleep and, ultimately, deterioration of our physical and mental health. While our bedding is composed of a bed, comforter or blanket, pillows, bed sheets, and mattress, the mattress is by far the most important component of our bedding. To a great extent, our mattress decides the quality and comfort of our sleep. Mattresses can be classified based on their type and their size. Based on the size, we have the options to choose from king-size mattresses, queen-size mattresses, single-bed mattresses, and double-bed mattresses. 

Obviously, the size of the mattress required is determined by the bed size. For a king bed size, no other mattress but a king mattress size would fit perfectly. So what are the typical dimensions of a king size bed in inches? A standard or double king size bed is 76”x 80” in width and length. The dimensions also vary by country, and in India, king-size mattresses come in 72”x 85” in width and length.

You may have come across the term, live life ‘king-size’. It is hence, easy to deduce that sleeping on king size mattresses gives a feeling of ultimate comfort and luxury. Even though king size bed prices can be much higher than their counterparts, many people opt to buy king-size mattresses. Let us find out below the top reasons to opt for a king size mattress:

Larger Surface Area For Extreme Comfort

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a king-size mattress is the larger space provided for sleepers to sleep comfortably. It is ideal for sleepers who roll a lot, sleep in different positions throughout the night, and use up a lot of bed space. Co-sleeping is not an issue with this type of mattress. In fact, the king-size mattress is perfect for a family of four to cuddle in on a lazy weekend. 

The Best Choice For Restless Sleepers

People who are unable to sleep in one single position throughout the night due to health conditions like arthritis and joint pains will find the king-size mattress most comfortable. They can shift and change their positions throughout the night without worrying about their joint pains. To be more specific, a king size memory foam mattress is ideal for restless sleepers as these mattresses absorb motion, hug the body to offer support, evenly distribute body weight, and are ideal for all sleeping positions. Because of their superior motion absorption, the co-sleeping partner would not be affected by the continuous shift of the sleeping position of the other partner, ensuring a sound sleep for both. 

Aids Pressure Points 

Most king-size mattresses that are available on the market are designed to relieve all pressure points as you sleep. These mattresses are not only durable but also allow you to wake up in the morning without body aches. So, if you are suffering from health issues like neck problems, frozen shoulder syndrome, or tennis elbow syndrome, a king-size mattress is your best bet for faster recovery and pain relief. 

Versatile Designs

Unlike other mattresses, a king-size mattress is available in a variety of designs and styles and is perfectly suitable for any type of bedroom. So if bedroom space is not an issue for you, you can close your eyes and buy a king-size mattress that allows you to explore and get creative while designing your bedroom. By picking a king-size bed frame, you can revamp your bedroom look, add different layers of bedding, introduce more colors and textures and enhance the overall bedroom décor. 

King-size Mattress Pricing

We know that king-size mattresses are a bit heavier on the pocket when compared to single beds, double beds, and even queen-size mattresses. The pricing of the king-size mattress can vary depending upon the brand, the material used, the thickness of the mattress, and extra features. 

On average, a regular king-size mattress of decent quality may cost you around Rs. 12,000. If you come across any king-size mattress at a lower price, it is probably made of cheap foam, which would last for a maximum of 6-7 years. On the other hand, the ultimate luxurious king-size mattresses come in a price range of Rs. 12000-18000. These are usually hybrid mattresses and are made using a combination of materials like spring, latex, and memory foam. They are of high quality and durability and usually last for up to 15 years. These mattresses boast the most relaxing and comfortable sleep experience ever. 


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your bed to a king-size one and enjoy the multiple benefits of a king-size mattress for a comfy, king-sized sleep.

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