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Sleep Anxiety And Sleep Disorders: How To Deal With It

Sleep is essential to every living entity. Every living being enjoys having a comfortable sleep at night. If the rest is not adequate, it may lead to severe health problems. Some people find difficulty sleeping due to overwork, lack of food, mental tension, stress, anxiety, etc. But in most cases, disturbed sleep results in some health issues. If this becomes a routine habit, it may lead to sleep disorders.

The lack of sleep inculcates negativity in your thoughts, dealing with matters (either in the office or at home), focus, and mind frame. You have to consult a physician, or severe health problems may occur if untreated. Moreover, your performance at the office may slow down, relationships may suffer, and performing daily routine would be an arduous task for you.

Reasons for Sleep disorders:

You can have sleep disorders due to various reasons. It may be because of other health issues also.

Anxiety: If you have some important task to perform the next day, you cannot find sleep as the brain works actively during sleep time. The symptoms are gastric problems, nervousness, over-enthusiastic, etc. Sometimes the person would fear falling asleep. Excessive stress also may lead to a lack of sleep at night.

Nocturia (frequent urinating sensation) will disturb your sleep, and this problem arises in persons who have urinary and hormonal issues.

Chronic pain (due to arthritis, headaches, severe body aches, etc.) will not allow you to sleep during the night.

There are various types of sleep disorders. Some sleep disorders are listed below:

Sleep apnea: The unusual breathing or inadequate breathing are the symptoms that mean the intake of oxygen is insufficient, leading to the awakening state during night’s sleep. 

Restless leg syndrome may be due to Parkinson’s disease or ADHD; The symptoms are you feel the tendency to move your legs while sleeping. 

Insomnia: It may occur due to improper digestion, anxiety, tension, mental stress, hormonal problems, etc.

If untreated, it may lead to further health issues like depression, frustration, anger, inability to focus correctly, increased weight loss, etc.

Narcolepsy is due to issues in the brain’s nervous system like multiple sclerosis, leading to sleep paralysis where you feel still and show the inability to move your stiff body. The symptoms are the affected person drifting into sleep even when involved in other activities. They drift into sleep even amid the activities while performing them.

Parasomnias: The typical symptoms are sleep talking, bedwetting, groaning, sleepwalking, teeth grinding, and nightmares.

Sleeping solutions:

Here are some sleeping solutions for you to get a comfortable sleep.

Sleep routine: Fix your time to sleep and stick to it irrespective of the situation or work. If you follow this schedule every day, your brain will become habitual, falling into sleeping at that particular fixed time.

Day routine: Work hard during the daytime and physically involve your body to do some household tiring work. Automatically, your body gets tired, and it needs to rest and search for a bed to lie down. But don’t exert too much physical activity as it may cause severe pain leading to sleepless nights.

No electronic gadgets are allowed: Make sure that you don’t get carried away by social media while sleeping and switch off all the electronic devices (including TV) before sleep. A little bit of determination can result in some sound sleep.

Physical exercise: Some yoga exercises may help you get some sleep overnight. Meditation is the best remedy, and if you practice it regularly for at least 20 -30 minutes before bedtime, it will fetch you positive results. But keep in mind that too much physical exercise may result in anxiety.

Secret method: (Tips to follow)

  • Clean your sleeping bed by changing the covers every day to appeal to you to get some sound sleep.
  • Change your bedroom settings, and decorate your bedroom by adding some home decor items. Ultimately, changing your lifestyle to make you feel comfortable.  
  • The alternative method is to buy the “smart bed,” which assures you everything in one place, including a recliner, bookshelf, table, desk, etc., this gives the bedroom some new and fresh look, and you will always find reasons to be on your bed. 
  • You can change the sleeping mattress according to your comfortability and affordability. 
  • Keep some books you are not interested in reading by the bedside table. Before hitting on the pillow, try to read those books you dislike, and it will be very effective in giving you the sleep you want.

Adopting the traditional method, the best way to sleep is your head facing the east side. Count the numbers, chant some religious hymns, listen to some musical classics, which are soft, smooth melodies, etc., while lying on your bed. It gives you much comfort that you may drift into sleep in no time. If nothing above works for you, you have to consult your doctor immediately and get it treated before it is too late.

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