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The Best Cooling Bed Mattress- Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress manufacturers adopted the NASA technology to sell their mattresses. NASA developed a shock-resistant foam for its crew members’ safety that provides an additional extra-cushioning effect from the sudden jerks. The memory foam mattress exploded in the market by using this innovative feature. During the survey, memory foam mattress users expressed one issue: the bed being hot and unsuitable for summertime and hot sleepers. It is because some manufacturers might have used cheap foams for profit. Manufacturers nowadays adopt the technology that keeps you cool throughout the night. First, you must know about the memory foam mattress and its features in full detail. 

What defines a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattress uses polyurethane, consisting of large and small molecules bound together, and polyether polyol, well-known for retaining viscosity, flexibility, and elasticity. Due to this feature, memory foam is pliable to the pressure applied and regains its original structure after withdrawing the applied force.

Layer construction of Memory Foam Mattress

It has different layers to withstand body weight and to comfort all body parts of the sleepers.

  • Top layer: This has many comfort layers that enhance the shape and form of the sleeping body and comforts the body with extra cushioning. Nowadays, manufacturers use breathable foams to let air circulation remove the heat dissipation of the sleepers. 
  • Middle layer: This section offers many layers that absorb the heat from the top layer. It is firmer than the top layer and is between the top and base layers.
  • Base layer: This layer is more substantial than any layer as it is supportive and has holes and channels that let the air circulate through the entire mattress. Also, it provides the bouncing ability (a sort of push-up) that the body needs. 

Features of Memory Foam Mattress

  • Cuddles: It has a unique feature that when you apply pressure or force or, in other words, when you sleep on this mattress, it immediately alienates to the shape and curves of the body. You will feel secure, which, in turn, results in a comfortable and good night’s sleep.
  • Engulfs: Sleeping on this mattress engulfs you, leaving you feeling more secure and hugged. This feeling removes all your sleep-related problems and provides a comfortable, cozy sleep. 

Different Types of the Mattresses

Manufacturers devised an idea to overcome this heating problem to enhance sleep quality. They changed the foam’s structure, making the memory foam mattress the best cooling bed mattress.

  • It has an open-cell structure with many holes that keep the heat away. These open holes draw air to pass through to give proper ventilation. The appropriate air circulation removes the heat from the sleeping body and keeps your body cool throughout your night’s sleep. 
  • The gel type of memory foam uses gel, a substance that controls the temperature. These gel substance infused in the layers absorbs heat from the sleeping person. And it releases the heat to moderate the temperature according to the environment and thus cools your body temperature. Therefore it regulates the temperature according to the surroundings. When you sleep on this mattress, you can feel it so cool and fresh, and always keep the temperature below room temperature and a superb cool mattress for summer.

Other benefits of using a Memory Foam Mattress

  • Motion Isolators: This feature helps the sleeping person to be unaware of the partner’s movements. If you are a light or deep sleeper, you will sleep well irrespective of your partner’s actions. This innovation laid a successful path for the memory foam mattress. 
  • Reduces pressure points: Unknowingly, your body exerts more pressure at some points while sleeping, which leads to unnecessary health issues. Extra- cushioning nullifies these excessive pressures and provides you comfort and support. 
  • Rid of allergies: The layers used in the memory foam mattress don’t allow dust, mites, insects, or bed bugs to breed on the mattress. So this is safe to use for children, diseased people, etc. Even the people afflicted with skin problems can use the bed, which is much safer for them as the mattress doesn’t aggravate the skin problem. 
  • Easy to wash: Mostly, this memory foam bed comes with two outer coverings, of which the top cover is removable. So it is easy to remove this outer cover, and you can wash it whenever you need.

There are more benefits to using the memory foam mattress than the listings above. It is durable and long-lasting and usually comes with a warranty of ten years, and you can avail of this facility. Nowadays, the sleep cool mattress has grooves and holes that let the air pass through the holes, acting as a ventilator. Therefore this mattress is breathable, does not have overheating problems, and embraces you with a cooling effect. Some manufacturers use eco-friendly foam, which has plant-based materials. These environmentally friendly memory foams will soon replace the standard foams or the chemical-based compounds used by other brands.

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