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Types Of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are necessary to retain the quality of the mattress for longer duration. It protects the mattress from various dirt and damages. Most of the mattress protectors are washable and reusable, for example waterproof mattress protectormemory foam mattress protector can be washed and reused multiple times just like normal fabrics. It is necessary to regularly clean the mattress protector to maintain hygiene. Below are the types of mattress protectors depending on the material used to manufacture;
Memory foam

 Mattress protector

Memory foam materials are made up of polyurethane and enhanced with chemicals. This material is known for excellent cushioning properties. This mattress protector comes with a wide range of thickness and densities. Memory foam material is used in mattress, pillows, mats. This material is expensive but lasts more with its smoothness.
Waterproof Mattress protector
The waterproof mattress protector provides good support and act as the best choice to protect your latex mattress or mattress topper. Latex is formed from the heating process of the liquid from the natural rubber tree. In markets artificial latex are also available nowadays. The synthetic latex may cost less compared to the natural latex but the quality remains almost the same and favourable.
Polyester blends Mattress protector
Polyester blend is one of the least preferred materials for the mattress protector although it is not expensive. These are also called fiber fills because they feel like feathers. The fiber fills tend to shred with time making it less reliable. It can provide softness only for less time and tends to compress with regular use.

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