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Which Mattress To Choose For Sound Sleep?

By July 1, 2022August 20th, 2022No Comments

Good quality sleep is a great contributor to maintaining overall health. Lack of good sleep can affect you in many surprising ways, which include affecting your hormone levels, weight, mood, and more. Several researchers have indicated the importance of good sleep time and again, but only a few have taken note of it. One thing that plays a major role in your night snooze is the type of mattress you sleep on. There is a dizzying array of mattress types when you look around the market, and choosing the best mattress from the lot can be quite overwhelming. By reading this article, you can get a fair idea of the various types of mattresses, and it helps you prevent making the wrong choice and suffering a lack of proper sleep for the lifespan of the mattress. 

Different Types of Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

This is a type of mattress that has been around since the 1900s. It is also the most commonly sold mattress globally, and the best Indian mattress brands sell this type of mattress the most. The innerspring mattress is made of steel coils that get compressed when applied weight. The coils provide the inner strength to the mattress, and the number of coils present determines the support it provides. More number of coils means better support and good sleep. The innerspring mattress is further categorised based on how the coils are arranged. It can be connected or individual. Connected coils cause a lot of sleep disturbances when compared to individual coils. The major drawback of this mattress is that over time, the springs make squeaking noises. It is ideal for those on the lookout for a budget mattress or single adults. 

Memory Foam Mattress

This is a mattress made from memory foam and contours to the body’s shape. It was invented in the year 1966 by NASA to improve safety, and now it is widely used for commercial reasons. Today, it is one of the most preferred mattresses as it gives you a feeling of sleeping on the cloud. It responds to heat and pressure of the body, and when the pressure is released, it bounces back to shape. The extra comfort and support give relief from aches and pains. The other benefit of this is that it is hypoallergenic and is resistant to dust mites. The major drawback is that it can tend to make the sleeper feel hot, which is not ideal for those who sleep hot at night. 

Gel Mattresses

This is an improvement on the memory foam mattress. As mentioned earlier, memory foam traps heat and does not allow air circulation because of which the temperature increases and becomes uncomfortable in warmer areas. Gel-infused mattresses were introduced as an improvement where the gel is combined with memory foam for temperature regulation. The gel prevents heat absorption and maintains a cool temperature. This is the best bed mattress for someone who likes to stay cool through the night. 

Latex Mattress

It is a type of mattress made from natural materials and is good for someone who is environment-friendly. The latex is derived from a rubber plant, and not many chemicals are used in manufacturing the mattress, which makes it biodegradable. Like the memory foam mattress, this type of mattress gives you cloud-like effects and bounces back when pressure is removed. Latex mattresses are the best mattress for sleeping for those who want a sustainable, long-lasting product that is comfortable. 

Hybrid Nattress

The hybrid mattress is one of the preferred options as it has the best innerspring mattress with memory or latex mattress and is the best mattress 2021. It comprises steel coils connected or individual combined with the softness of latex or memory foam which gives instant firmness and softness together. It is a mix of everything good about innerspring and latex or memory foam. The only drawback about this type of mattress is that it is expensive, but it guarantees great comfort and is long-lasting. 

Pillow Top Mattress

This is known as a Euro-top mattress and comes with a thick layer of padding. It is made of innerspring and has a padding of several inches to provide comfort. The best part is that the pillow top comes in many types of materials and provides advantages ranging from extra comfort, durability, bounce, cooling, and more. The material can be wool, latex, memory foam, cotton, etc. This type of mattress is the most expensive and least common among mattress brands in the market but is great value for money as these are washable and give you the combined benefits of all other mattresses. 

Orthopaedic Mattress

This is the best Indian mattress for back pain and those with orthopaedic issues. As the name indicates, it is specially made for people who suffer from spinal issues and solve back problems. It offers a firm sleeping surface and supports the spine and the back, relieving form pains. If you, too, are dealing with chronic issues, this provides firm support while evenly distributing the weight of your body and prevents you from tossing around all night to find the right spot.  

Now that you know the different types of mattresses note existing issues with your mattress and then shortlist the best mattress for you. Once you know the type, pick the best mattress brand that fulfils your requirements and fits your budget.

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