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Why Queen-Sized Mattresses Are Famous

By June 21, 2022June 23rd, 20222 Comments
Why Queen Sized Mattresses Are Famous

A new mattress is a significant investment, and the purchase demands many considerations which include extensive research. Many things influence your choice and comfort, which include firmness, sleeping position, thickness, warranty, and durability. Among the various mattresses available, buyers prefer a queen-size mattress in India as it is just right in every aspect. Read below to know why? 

A History of the Bed Sizes

A history of the bed sizes is not something that you would have thought about. But the mattresses and beds have had an interesting history and have come a long way. As the technology evolved, more bed sizes and materials came into the picture. Did you know that space technology has come into the bedroom? The memory foam was first developed for the safety, comfort, and security of NASA astronauts. 

But cut back to history, our ancestors always slept on the ground using nothing more than animal hide or thick leaves as protection against the natural elements. As years went by, around 3400 BC, Egyptian Pharaohs developed raised platforms off the ground and began to sleep on them. Later, the Romans made the first mattress using reed, hay, or feathers. The Arabs, too, started to use cushions on the floor, and the Europeans later used this sleep arrangement. 

During the renaissance was when mattresses that resembled contemporary bedding came into existence. Luxury materials like silk, brocade, and velvet came into existence during the Renaissance period. The popular bed size then was similar to the double bed that exists now. Back then, all the family members slept together on the same mattress, and only the royalty had a dedicated space to sleep apart. 

Coming to the creation of the queen size bed online, it is thought that the queen bed made its appearance for none other than Queen Elizabeth 1 and hence called the queen bed. Among the popular materials for beds back then were wool and cotton, and until the industrial revolution, the innerspring mattress did not come into the picture. 

During the 1950s, the rise of industrialization and commercialism was responsible for the next big thing in the bedroom. Until then, the double bed was the common bedding option and a regular feature in most rooms as it was space-saving and affordable compared to owning single beds. Companies that were looking for new opportunities put the queen-size beds into wide distribution and started gaining popularity. 

Many factors contributed to its popularity. Foremost was that the kids grew in size and height, and the queen-sized bed was more comfortable than the double bed. Also, it was ideal for a couple as there was ample space for both. Also, post-war, there was an economic boom and rooms became larger and larger beds were convenient. Nowadays, king and queen-size beds are popular choices. 

Benefits of Queen Mattress

If you are thinking of purchasing a queen bed and mattress, it is great news as there are many advantages these mattresses provide. 

  • Versatility

Whether it is an urban home with limited space or a villa with a considerably bigger bedroom, the queen-size bed mattress is a suitable choice. It can easily fit into a bedroom of 10*12 square feet in dimension. So there would be enough living space area and ample space for bedroom furniture like a nightstand, dresser, etc. It is a good choice for your master bedroom and great for vacation homes and guest rooms as they are highly adaptable. A double queen size bed is also a good option if there is enough space. 

  • Ideal for Couples 

A queen-size mattress is the best choice for a couple. Compared to the double bed, it offers extra space that sleepers will appreciate. It is 30 inches wide on both sides and is a great choice for couples with limited space in the room but who want to sleep without too much disturbance. Also, the queen-size bed price is lesser compared to a king-size and hence the best option for a couple. 

  • More Legroom

If you are a tall individual or a single adult who likes extra space to stretch, the queen-size mattress is a good choice for both. Taller people won’t have their feet dangling from the mattress, and even when a person tosses and turns while sleeping, there is less risk of falling as it is wider. Also, these mattresses provide good support along with space, making for quality sleep. 

  • More Durable

Whether you are a single adult sleeping on a queen bed size or are sharing a bed with a partner, due to the ample space available, you will have more space to move around. That means you are not sleeping in the same spot every day and causing wear and tear. The occurrence of dents will take a longer time as the weight is evenly distributed. 

A queen-size mattress is popular because of its versatility and also because it gives a couple enough room to sleep comfortably while fitting into an average-sized bedroom which is a norm in India.


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