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The pandemic has disrupted many things and among the worst hit is the sitting and sleeping postures. With people spending more time at home, prolonged or inappropriate sitting postures have led to aches and pains at the end of the day. To top it off, people do not have enough time to rest and aggravating the issue further. These may look trivial in the initial stages but can lead to major complications in the future. In order to put a break to this cycle, it is important to rest on a good mattress. The best mattress in India can help you maintain a neutral spine position and cure any pains when asleep. If quality sleep is what you want, then you should grab the best mattress in India without any hesitation. We are here to help you with that.

Which is the Best Mattress in India?

Do you know what is the most important thing for a comfortable and restful sleep? A good mattress. Health experts say that sleep and rest are as vital as exercise and having a well-balanced diet for overall well-being. But for that great sleep experience, the mattress should be supportive and comfortable. Since people have different body types and sleeping habits, there is no single solution. It is based on what suits your requirements. So what is a good mattress then? 

It is one that has quality raw materials that provides ample comfort and support. Also, it has to balance durability, longevity, price, and quality perfectly We Indians love a bargain and fall for one and ignore the other aspects. In the case of mattresses, falling for discounts and purchasing a cheap mattress becomes counter-productive. What you have gained from discounts will have to be spent on treating your pains due to a bad mattress, or you will have to make another investment on a better mattress. Either way, the loss is yours! Instead of looking for a cheap mattress, one should choose a good quality mattress that offers affordable prices. 

When understanding our customers like nobody else, so we have gone to great lengths to come up with mattresses that are premium but affordable. When you shop with us, you not only get the best product but at great prices. Additionally, there is a range of products that you can choose to meet your sleeping requirements. But before you make a purchase, it is important to know certain factors. 

What to consider when Buying the Best Mattress Online in India?

Sleep becomes relaxing and rejuvenating when you make the right choice of mattress. But making that choice is not easy when there are so many things to consider. Like what is the type of mattress, the size, what features to look for, what is the right price, is it of good quality etc,. Though many factors matter when picking a bed, you have come to the right place as you will find a range of premium quality mattresses that is sure to give you a great sleep. 

Types of Mattresses

A mattress is composed of three kinds of materials; spring, foam, and hybrid. 

Spring mattress: This is among the popular types of mattresses with a layer of springs and a comfort layer on the surface. The material for comfort later can be latex, memory foam, or natural fibers. The coils can have different mechanisms and elements. The Bonnell spring coils are connected to smaller coils. These provide enough support but are not very durable. The pocketed coils, on the other hand, are wrapped in fabric and thus absorb movement better. It contours to the pressure points and provides better support. It is a more expensive compared to Bonnell spring.  

Foam mattress: Another popular type of mattress that is made from different foams. It includes: 

PU Foam is a high resilience material that is supportive and firm. It offers a great bounce and also gives a sinking feeling for those looking for such a sleep experience. 

Among the foam mattresses, one of the most popular worldwide and in India is the memory foam mattress. It was invented by NASA for its astronauts' safety and is now used by mattress manufacturers. It offers great support to the body by alleviating pressure. It regains its original shape when pressure is removed but remembers and retains the body's natural contours. It offers excellent support to the joints and is hence good for people who wake up with aches and pains in the body. Since it traps the heat, ensure that it has good breathability and air-circulation to make it temperature-neutral. There are many versions of this type of mattress, with the gel-infused memory foam being the most popular as it enables temperature-neutrality.

Latex foam is another type of mattress made from natural materials obtained from the rubber tree. It offers a cloud-like effect and also enough bouncy support. It is an eco-friendly option as it is made from natural materials. The major drawback of this mattress is that it is priced higher than other types of mattresses. But when you buy from us, we offer it at competitive prices to help our customers get the most out of it and sleep better. 

Hybrid Mattress: It is a type of mattress that is made of two or more materials. It has two layers with the top comfort layer, which provides the cushion for comfortable sleep. The support layer is made of coils for strength. The hybrid mattress is the best of both worlds for those looking for comfort and support.


This is the factor that tells you the comfort the mattress can provide. The firmness scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 the softest. When choosing the firmness, take into consideration your sleeping position, body weight, and the softness you prefer. While it is an individual preference sleep, experts recommend a medium-firm mattress for an average Indian with normal body weight. Firm mattresses are best for those with health issues, and soft is for lightweight sleepers. 


We have comfortable mattresses that come in many sizes, which include a single bed for a kid, a double bed for a single adult, and queen or king-size for couples. Decide on the size based on the room size as well as the size of the bed. 

Shop for the Best Online Mattress in India with us

When there are so many stores online, why shop with us. Because:

  • We offer a huge collection of mattresses online, all in one place. There are many options based on the size, materials, price, and features. A detailed overview of what each mattress is made of is also mentioned for your convenience. 

  • Free shipping is one of the perks of shopping online with us. We deliver the mattress you select to your doorstep so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. Even if you want to return our product within the trial period, we offer free shipping and an easy return policy. 

  • The mattresses we ship come with a good warranty period. Despite making mattresses with good quality materials and manufacturing processes, we provide a long warranty as we believe in our products. So when you buy from us, you have peace of mind. 

When you shop with us, we provide the best sleeping experience at affordable prices and with a warranty. So don’t wait to order your mattress online with us.

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Laxmi Chavan 03/06/2022

This gives me rejuvenating sleep, This is made with eco-friendly materials.
worth it...

Farida 13/05/2022

I had recently bought some of Neobest products , really they are best in quality , they deliver on time as guranteed , even the customer care services were really so responsive and polite , i am happy with Neobest products and highly recommend for best service

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I am happy shopping with Neobest , their products are high in quality and affordable within budget , they are certified products and they are delivered directly from factory . I highly recommend to go with Neobest for best services.

Gautami 13/05/2022

The Neobest pillow and mattress was delivered as on time , i really loved the ultimate quality of pillow , its dual comfortness in a single product was really ultimate and it was very comfortable .

Hiral 13/05/2022

I purchased Memory pilllow as my relative advised , i was litreally excited with its qualities , it was easy adjustable and i was completely satisfied with Neobest . I am very eager for many more new arrivals of Neobest.