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Mattress In Mumbai

Mumbai, previously Bombay, is known as the City that never sleeps and the city of dreams. Mumbaikars are busy people who are on the move always to pursue their dreams and, in that process, pay less attention to sleep. But if you want to pursue your dreams passionately, you must sleep and get enough rest. One has to sleep on an ideal surface to get those dreams and relaxation. So to cater to those dreamers who want to wake up refreshed to fulfill their dreams, we make the best mattress in Mumbai that takes care of your sleep while you take care of the rest. 

How to Buy the Perfect Mattress in Mumbai?

Mumbai is the New York of India and the country's financial capital. People from all over the country come to Mumbai to make a living and become successful in life. But due to the ever-growing demand for necessities and its population, you will get many options locally when buying the best mattress in Mumbai. On every street corner, you will find local vendors with ripoffs of reputed brands, and on the same street, you will also see big retail outlets that provide premium options. After an endless search through the cramped streets, you only get tired, confused, and without a decent mattress to sleep on. But why suffer so much when you can shop online from us?

Buying an Online Mattress in Mumbai

If you are looking for the perfect mattress for your sleep, you don’t have to go from shop to shop for that. Yes, there are lots of shops where you can haggle and get a deal, but there is no guarantee that it is of good quality or suits your sleep needs. Also, the prices are not transparent and vary greatly, making you wonder whether you have the best deal or not. So instead of struggling so much, why not use technology.

A laptop or a phone with internet is all you need to shop for a mattress online. Look for comparisons and reviews extensively and then make a choice. There are many online retailers from which you can pick your bed, and among the top few is us. We offer the best mattress that fits your budget but also gives you the much-needed comfort to beat the stress of living in Mumbai. 

We are among the best mattress brands as we have transparent pricing and offer many options in mattresses to cater to all types of customers. Also, our mattresses are made of high-quality materials that are long-lasting and durable. Among the other features is that when you shop from us, you get a free trial to check if the mattress suits you. Don’t like it; you get to return it with no questions. We also offer a warranty for all our products for any manufacturing defects. So fire up your device and shop online and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

What to consider when Buying a Mattress Online in Mumbai?

While shopping online is a better choice than going from store to store, mattress buying can still be confusing as there are myriad options available in Mumbai. As sleep is an essential aspect of life, quality is essential. So it is important to purchase something that is comfortable and suits your body. Here are some of the aspects to consider when choosing a mattress online. 

  • Materials 

Knowing the materials used in the mattress is the first step to determine before purchasing. Though many types of mattresses are available, they can be broadly classified into foam and innerspring. There are further types using these basic materials. The innerspring is a traditional mattress that is made of steel coils. There are variations of these with the addition of various comfort layers. 

The next type of material that is popular is the foam mattress. It can be memory foam which is polyurethane foam. This material contours to the shape of the body and soften due to body heat. So when you lie down, it takes the body's shape and offers great support and comfort. The other type of foam is latex which is made from natural materials. It is ideal for those who are allergic to chemicals. This material, too, offers great support and comfort. Various support and comfort layers are added to these to make them useful for specific needs.


  • Size

If you already have a bed, choose the mattress size that is the same as that of the bed. However, if you are looking to change, then there are many sizes like single, double, queen, and king sizes. Measure the room and pick one accordingly.


  • Comfort

This is one of the most crucial factors in a mattress. Choose the level that you prefer and not that is most recommended. Every sleeper's needs are different, and so is comfort. Pick one that you are comfortable sleeping on.


  • Firmness

The belief that a hard mattress is best for support and maintaining posture is wrong. It is based on the body type, sleeping position, and medical conditions. For instance, a firm mattress may be more suitable than a hard mattress for those who are more than average weight. While a soft mattress is recommended for those, who are underweight. Check the firmness that suits you best. 

  • Lifespan

A mattress is a costly investment and hence an important decision. So do your research and make a purchase. When you invest in it, make sure it is durable and long-lasting. A mattress's life span is between 8 to 10 years; anything less is a bad deal. Obviously, a good-quality mattress lasts longer and has very minimal wear and tear. We understand the customer’s need for a durable mattress; hence, we use the best quality materials and manufacturing processes to increase the lifespan. 

  • Budget

Look for a mattress that suits your needs and your budget. When you shop with us, you get the best of both worlds. You get a good-quality mattress at affordable prices. But people often choose a cheap mattress that is low on quality and end up buying again. 

What is the Best Mattress for Mumbai Weather?

Mumbai is a city that has a humid climate and is hot throughout the year. So the mattress that you purchase should be something that promotes sleep and not hinder it. Look for a breathable mattress so that the body heat does not get trapped and makes the sleeper hotter at night and leads to sleep disturbances. Also, due to humidity, there is a high likelihood of mold and bacteria growth. Dust, allergens, and mites are also common problems. Hence one should invest in a hypoallergenic mattress. 

Look for a mattress than can regulate temperature as per the weather conditions. Memory foam with cooling technology and natural latex mattress are the two most suitable choices for this type of weather. It provides ample support and comfort and prevents body pains and aches. 

A mattress is an everyday essential which involves a good amount of money. So if you make a mistake, you will be stuck with it for quite some time. Thus it is important to pick the right one based on your needs and budget. If you want to buy the best online mattress in Mumbai, you are at the right place. We offer convenient online shopping, making it easy to find your perfect mattress. 

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Laxmi Chavan 03/06/2022

This gives me rejuvenating sleep, This is made with eco-friendly materials.
worth it...

Farida 13/05/2022

I had recently bought some of Neobest products , really they are best in quality , they deliver on time as guranteed , even the customer care services were really so responsive and polite , i am happy with Neobest products and highly recommend for best service

Gaurika 13/05/2022

I am happy shopping with Neobest , their products are high in quality and affordable within budget , they are certified products and they are delivered directly from factory . I highly recommend to go with Neobest for best services.

Gautami 13/05/2022

The Neobest pillow and mattress was delivered as on time , i really loved the ultimate quality of pillow , its dual comfortness in a single product was really ultimate and it was very comfortable .

Hiral 13/05/2022

I purchased Memory pilllow as my relative advised , i was litreally excited with its qualities , it was easy adjustable and i was completely satisfied with Neobest . I am very eager for many more new arrivals of Neobest.