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The Design

We all prefer to invest in a good mattress & want to protect it for its durability. NeoBest understands your concern and so has come up with mattress protectors with customer-centric features and unique designs. These mattress protectors are built to fit your mattress perfectly and are able to protect your mattress from domestic accidents. The 100% water resistance design technology makes sure to not let any fluid reach the mattress, which helps keep it hygienic, durable, and fresh. So, even if u accidentally spill food on the bed, our mattress protector can endure it all. Despite being waterproof, the fabric is breathable and non-plasticky and doesn't make any irritating rustling sound. We use cotton lycra casing and elastic strap that makes it easy to tuck it in from all sides and thus provides a wrinkle-free surface.

Mattress Protector Features


Water Resistant

Enhance the durability of your mattress with waterproof protectors.Protect from accidental spills stains and other impressions that could damage the mattress irreparably.


Dust Resistant

Keep your mattress away from dust with biofresh-40, crafted to repel dust deposits on your mattress.


Breathable Design

Made with eco friendly materials the breathable design promotes air circulation throughout your sleep for a fresh and comfortable feel.



Designed to repel Bugs, Dust Mites and Bacteria. The protectors are hypoallergenic, which are not likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Zero Sound Transfer

Assuring a sound sleep with zero sound transfer. The waterproof cover doesn’t cause a sound while you toss or turn during your beauty sleep.

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes the waterproof mattress protectors are washable and are machine friendly with a mild wash cycle.

It is highly recommended to wash your mattress protectors once in a week and switch the protectors once in every 3 to 6 months to maintain uncompromised health and hygiene.

For bulk orders, email us at or drop in a WhatsApp message to +91 6366350009. Our representatives will call you within 48 hours.

The mattress protector gives superior protection to your mattress against stains. You don’t have to worry about soaking the mattress by accidental spills.

For custom sized mattresses, Feel free to fill in the enquiry form (Click here) or email us at or drop in a WhatsApp to +91 6366350009

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