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The Design

We all prefer to invest in a good mattress & want to protect it for its durability. NeoBest understands your concern and so has come up with mattress protectors with customer-centric features and unique designs. These mattress protectors are built to fit your mattress perfectly and are able to protect your mattress from domestic accidents. The 100% water resistance design technology makes sure to not let any fluid reach the mattress, which helps keep it hygienic, durable, and fresh. So, even if u accidentally spill food on the bed, our mattress protector can endure it all. Despite being waterproof, the fabric is breathable and non-plasticky and doesn't make any irritating rustling sound. We use cotton lycra casing and elastic strap that makes it easy to tuck it in from all sides and thus provides a wrinkle-free surface.

Mattress Protector Features


Water Resistant

Enhance the durability of your mattress with waterproof protectors.Protect from accidental spills stains and other impressions that could damage the mattress irreparably.


Dust Resistant

Keep your mattress away from dust with biofresh-40, crafted to repel dust deposits on your mattress.


Breathable Design

Made with eco friendly materials the breathable design promotes air circulation throughout your sleep for a fresh and comfortable feel.



Designed to repel Bugs, Dust Mites and Bacteria. The protectors are hypoallergenic, which are not likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Zero Sound Transfer

Assuring a sound sleep with zero sound transfer. The waterproof cover doesn’t cause a sound while you toss or turn during your beauty sleep.

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes the waterproof mattress protectors are washable and are machine friendly with a mild wash cycle.

It is highly recommended to wash your mattress protectors once in a week and switch the protectors once in every 3 to 6 months to maintain uncompromised health and hygiene.

For bulk orders, email us at info@neorestmattress.com or drop in a WhatsApp message to +91 6366350009. Our representatives will call you within 48 hours.

The mattress protector gives superior protection to your mattress against stains. You don’t have to worry about soaking the mattress by accidental spills.

For custom sized mattresses, Feel free to fill in the enquiry form (Click here) or email us at info@neorestmattress.com or drop in a WhatsApp to +91 6366350009

Reasons To Invest In A Waterproof Mattress Protector

A bedroom is a sleep haven where you relax, rest, and recharge. One of the most obvious places you spend that time is on your mattress. While relaxing on it, it is possible to have accidental spills. Additionally, if you have kids/pets, the mattress you lovingly purchased after hours of research can get soiled beyond repair. Nobody ever wants to sleep on that dirty spot again, which means there is no other option but to replace it. But wait, you can do something before this whole scene plays out. Use our mattress protector to protect your mattress from spills and other mess. 

Why you should use a Waterproof Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is not another fancy term used in the mattress industry. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to save their investment on the mattress. 

No more damage to your precious mattress

One of the main reasons to use a waterproof mattress protector is to prevent damage. Our protectors act as a barrier between the mattress and the bed sheet; thus, there is no direct contact from moisture, dust, spills, etc. So what it means is that your mattress lifespan increases, and also, there is an added protection to the delicate fabric of the mattress's top layer. It can also act as a bedsheet protector for your expensive bedsheets. 

Germ-free mattress

Mattresses are prone to allergens, dust, pollen, and bacteria. Our dead skin, sweat, and moisture are a few other factors that make your mattresses unhygienic. These can lead to skin infections, allergies, and other illnesses. Our waterproof bed protector is ideal for those who like to sleep in a hygienic place and remove any remote chance of falling sick. Since these are removable, they can be washed to get rid of any allergens. 

Improves sleep quality and comfort

Our cotton mattress cover ensures that you sleep in great comfort. Cotton is a material that is known to absorb sweat and keep the body cool. So when you use our mattress protector, you get the best quality, comfortable sleep. Additionally, these come in many sizes; we have a double bed mattress protector, a king size bed mattress cover, and other in-between sizes. These are designed to fit the mattress you sleep on perfectly, so no more rustling noise of bedding, only good sleep. 

Easy to maintain

The thing that comes to mind for most people when it comes to bedding is maintenance. Deep cleaning a mattress is expensive as well as time-consuming. However, our mattress protector does not need that kind of work to be done. These can be easily removed, washed, and put back on without a hassle. 

Waterproof Bed Cover To Keep Your Mattress Like New

Once you invest in a mattress that provides enough sleep, it becomes important to ensure it remains as good as new. That is what our waterproof bed cover does. It ensures that the mattress remains brand new even after using it for many years. It keeps the mattress from getting soiled due to everyday use. The protector keeps the bed safe from water and dust and maintains its quality. 

A wide range of mattress protectors is available with us at reasonable prices. All you have to do is pick a bed cover of your choice and prevent harmful materials from getting into the surface. For instance, if you have a king size bed, choose king size mattress protector or if it is a queen bed, then choose accordingly. 

Why buy a Waterproof Mattress Cover from us?

If you are searching for a waterproof bed cover, it should end with us because of the features we provide.

Fabric: We are no novice in the mattress industry, and we know the importance of the fabric of the bed cover. One of the most important things people must consider when picking one is the fabric. While we use premium quality fabric to make them, it is coupled with waterproofing capabilities and is soft, comfortable, and breathable. Otherwise, you would feel like you are sleeping on a plastic sheet. Our protectors are made of a fabric that is soft but highly absorbent and keeps the overall temperature optimal making it super comfy. 

Full encased: We manufacture a waterproof mattress cover with a zipper, so it is completely encased. The benefit of using a zipper over elastic encasements is that it is quite challenging to fit. Additionally, over time they get loose and do not protect the mattress it is supposed to. Our mattress protectors are fully encased and give your bed complete coverage. 

Warranty: If you are looking for a sustainable bed cover, you should invest in one of our bed covers. It is made of high-quality materials and thus is durable. We also provide a warranty for any manufacturing defects and also as proof of our quality. 

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