Memory foam Mattress Warranty Policy - NeoBest

NeoBest Memory Foam Mattress – Limited Warranty

NeoBest Mattresses are manufactured using premium quality materials which enables us to offer a warranty on the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. Our Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattresses carry a warranty against manufacturing defects. In case of defect with workmanship/material (excluding cover and handling) NeoBest will replace the product within the limited warranty conditions.

List of Manufacturing Defects
  1. Upon opening, the Roll-Packed Memory Foam Mattress should come back to its specified dimensions within 48 hours, if it doesn’t come back to the exact dimension of the Memory Foam Mattress (15mm thickness), the product is defective. However, a + or – 25 mm variation in length, width and thickness is in the tolerance limit.
  2. Any sort of fabric damage found on opening the seal is considered to be a defective product.
  3. Any physical flaw in the Memory Foam Mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
  4. Reduction of a thickness of greater than 2 inch will be considered as sagging and will be treated as a manufacturing defect.
Exclusions of Manufacturing Defect
  1. Normal Softening/sagging that is less than 2 inch
  2. Damage due to misuse
  3. Staining, soiling, fluid penetration, tears or burns,
  4. Use of a mattress on a base that was structurally not capable of handling the mattress.
  5. Mattress Cover, if any
  6. Zipper on the Mattress, if any
  7. Unauthorized service during the warranty period.
Terms & Conditions of Warranty
  1. To submit a warranty claim, please write to us at
  2. Warranty on the Memory Foam Mattress will be available only in case of product failure due to a manufacturing defect.
  3. Warranty will be available only under the proper use of the product.
  4. Warranty is not applicable on any claim made other than for the benefit of the original purchaser.
  5. If you purchase a Memory Foam Mattress and only the cover is defective (and not the Memory Foam Mattress), we will only replace the cover and not the whole Memory Foam Mattress.
  6. Warranty is valid only if the product is purchased from an authorized source.
  7. Please retain a copy of your purchase invoice and warranty card as proof of purchase. You’ll need to submit this to make a claim, without which, NeoStik Tapes Pvt. Ltd./ Neobest reserves the right to reject any claim under this warranty.
  8. We require you to supply photographs of the entire sleeping surface of the Memory Foam Mattress and any visible faults. Failure to send photographs of the defect may result in a replacement being delayed or the Memory Foam Mattress not being replaced.
  9. Warranty claims will be inspected and picked up within 7 days of raising a return request.
  10. Returns will be accepted only if the product fulfills the Return Criteria (Refer to Return Criteria under Return Policy).
  11. All genuine claims will be settled within 20 working days of warranty claim receipt.
  12. Any repair or replacement will not extend the original period of limited warranty, nor will it constitute the beginning of a new limited warranty period.
  13. Prorated Credit Settlements will be made in the form of credit vouchers which can be availed for the purchase of Neobest Memory Foam Mattress only through
  14. The final decision on the warranty will be made by NeoStik Tapes Pvt. Ltd. / Neobest. Company reserves the complete right to refuse any warranty claim if it doesn’t fulfil the Warranty Terms and Conditions.
  15. Disputes, if any, will be subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only.
  16. Warranty card should be mandate for warranty claim.
  17. Invoice should be mandatory for replacement of mattress.
  18. Transportation charges to be paid by customer while replacing the mattress.