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Neo Ortho Dual Foam Mattress

NeoBest Orthopedic Dual Foam Mattress rejuvenates the body and mind for a relaxed and comfortable sleep. The 4 Layered composition foam mattress with Air Circulation Technology revives your body and mind for a fresh morning. The best part is that the Dual Foam Mattress is a Reversible mattress and it can be used on both sides.

Get your relaxed sound sleep every night!

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Mattress Features



Specially designed to repel Bugs, Dust Mites and Bacteria, the Mattresses are hypoallergenic with the power of anti-bacterial coating and materials that are not likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Temperature Stability

Experience a peaceful sleep with temperature stability even during the hottest summers or the coldest winters. The Mattress maintains controlled temperature conditions to give a resounding sleep.



Support healthy spine alignment and ideal posture with orthopedic memory foam. The ability to mould to the body in response to heat and pressure evenly distributes the body weight acting as a pain reliever, and preventing possible discomforts that occur due to unhealthy sleep position.



Experience a sleep customized to your needs. Choose between Dual firmness with the reversible feature. Go for a cushioned feel with the either side or just flip the mattress for a firmer sleep.

Customer Questions & Answers

The mattress weighs anywhere between 20 to 40 kgs depending on the dimensions. However, the mattress in a vacuum compressed form is easy and flexible to handle.

For custom sized mattresses, Feel free to fill in the enquiry form (Click here) or email us at info@neorestmattress.com or drop in a WhatsApp to +91 6366350009.

The average time for a mattress to regain its original size on unboxing is between 5 to 6 hours.

For bulk orders, email us at info@neorestmattress.com or drop in a whatsapp message to +91 6366350009. Our representatives will call you within 48 hours.

Ortho Dual Softy Foam Mattress

A mattress has an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years, and most people choose a bed of a particular firmness based on their current situation. For instance, if you are suffering from back pain or have any orthopedic issues, you would naturally opt for an orthopedic mattress. But once you are relieved of this pain, you would want something relatively softer than the orthopedic mattress. What is the solution to this problem? The ortho dual softy foam mattress is our solution to your problem. 

What is an Ortho Dual Softy Foam Mattress?

An ortho dual softy foam mattress is a 2-side usable mattress wherein both sides of the mattress can be used. Sleepers can choose to use either of the two surfaces as per their comfort needs, like choosing a firm surface of the orthopedic mattress or the soft surface of a foam mattress. 

Ortho dual foam mattress is made with multiple layers of foam made from high-quality materials to make a perfect mattress for a sound sleep. The mattress has a comfortable top layer in terms of its coziness but is also related to temperature neutrality. We have a proprietary technology that allows the foam layer to have enhanced air circulation. So when you sleep on this bed, you have to wake up only because you have to and not because your bed caused some disturbances. The mattress foam allows for air circulation, due to which the mattress does not get heated up. Our mattress uses premium quality fabric that is not just aesthetically pleasing but feels smooth on the skin. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is dust and allergen free and ideal for even people with allergies. 

The foam used in the ortho dual comfort mattress is of high resilience. So the ortho side of the mattress can reduce pressure points and relieve pain and aches while allowing the individual to sleep cool. The other thing the high resilience foam does is that it provides sturdy and optimal support to the spine, whether it is on the soft or the hard side of the mattress. So our mattress is a healthy choice that guarantees better sleep and more. 

Why buy our Ortho Dual-Sided Foam Mattress?

Our ortho dual-sided foam mattress is all about sound sleep. It is a premium quality mattress where one side is firm, and the other is soft and caters to the comforts of the individuals based on their needs. You can easily flip from one level of comfort to the other without compromising on the sleep experience. The USP of our mattress is there is no compromise. Read on to know the different reasons you need to sleep on an ortho dual comfort mattress:

Soft when you want, firm when you need: The premium quality foam provides orthopedic features that provide relief from back pain. It is designed to give you the required spinal support for a better posture. This dual density foam mattress offers a surface where it gets adjusted to the body's contours. The foam provides cushioning as well as a soft surface to sleep on. 

Say goodbye to sweaty mornings: Unlike the traditional mattress, which does not adjust to the sleeper’s body temperature, our mattress is so designed that it quickly dissipates heat. It extracts heat from the body, and instead of getting trapped in the mattress, there is enough air circulation, due to which the mattress pushes it out, leaving you cool and comfortable. 

Orthopedic and reversible: An orthopedic mattress is not just for people with bones, joints, or muscle problems. It is ideal for anyone who has back pain, is recovering from injuries, or has had surgery. The foam dual orthopaedic mattress improves posture and alignment. The even distribution of the body weight without any pressure points can prevent discomfort even from unhealthy sleep positions. 

Motion isolation: Sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns at night, or are you the guilty one? Either way, an ortho dual comfort mattress is the right choice as the mattress absorbs motion. That prevents the movements from getting transferred all over the surface, so even if one sleeper moves around, the other can have a sound sleep.  

Zero maintenance: Worried that flipping the mattress can lead to wear and tear? Worry not, as this Orthopedic flip mattress is easy to use and lightweight, so it can easily be reversed without any extra effort. Also, since the mattress is made of high-quality materials, there are very less chances of sagging and other wear and tear. So no maintenance other than the occasional vacuuming which makes the product extremely special. 

The ortho dual softy mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and all ages as it caters to all. Along with the comfort and the orthopedic features of the mattress, it is extremely durable, making it a worthy purchase. 

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