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Neo travelling bed is made up of premium quality material thereby providing a comfortable sleep. This travel mattress is foldable and it has handle which will make easy to carry. The material ensures the travel mattress remains cool making for a comfortable sleep or sitting.

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Travel Bed Features



Made to be versatile, Lite instantly qualifies as your exercise mat, carry-around mattress, prayer mat or a play mat for your kids.


Easy To Store

Liter’s design makes it portable and travel-friendly. Simply roll it up or fold it and store as per your convenience.



Study construction and a high-quality finish make Lite a long-lasting choice for regular use.


Roll and Store

Can be folded, easy to carry. Great for camping, Festivals, Surf Trips, Travel, Adventures, Hiking, Boats.


Compact and Comfortable

It is perfect for relaxing and you can even sleep for hours on this bed comfortably This is because along with its eye-catching design, it has a wavy design that restores the perfect balance of air inside the mattress and gives comfort to your back and neck.

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes, you will get a carry bag which will make carry everywhere.

Quilted cloth and knitted fabric.

Yes, it is good for hill area’s winter where the temperature goes negative.

Yes, it is washable.

A Perfect Companion During Travel - Travel Bed

Mattress technology is constantly evolving and coming up with new products for the convenience of people. What started as soft padding made of cotton, jute, etc., to make the sleeping surface more comfortable than the hard surface has become advanced. These days there are different types of mattresses with various customizations available based on the needs of the sleeper. One such trending product is the travel beds. 

As the name indicates, a travel bed is a portable and foldable mattress that can be carried wherever you go. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we offer travel beds that enable you to sleep perfectly even when you are not lying on your regular mattress. 

Benefits that the Best Travel Beds Offer

There are many advantages of using a travel bed because of which it is a trending product in the mattress industry. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy when you buy travel beds from us.

Portability is one of the major advantages of our travel bed. They are designed to be easily carried around. It can be for a hiking or camping trip or just across the room; these are lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you need them. Use our comfortable travel beds, and you can save yourself from sleeping on an uncomfortable couch. 

The other good thing about our travel beds is that they can be stashed in your closet without occupying too much space. Our mattresses are easily foldable and can be stored in small spaces. It is the best choice if you need a guest bed and don’t have space for an extra regular mattress. 

A unique feature of our travel beds is that it is multi-functional. It can be used not only for sleeping comfortably, but it can also be laid out on game nights as a sitting platform. Sometimes, travel beds can also be used as a couch or a pillow. Due to their versatility, our travel beds are a must-have bedding accessory. 

Travel beds are suitable not only for adults but they can also be suitable for children. They can be used as play mats to enjoy their wrestling and rolling activities. It gives protection against falls and injuries due to hitting the ground. Due to its lightweight nature, it can be carried by your children for sleepovers. 

Foldable travel beds come with removable covers, so after your travel, you can wash them and store it hygienically. These covers can be machine-washed which is a convenient option. 

Our travel beds are highly affordable, and the price depends on the size you choose. You can get a good travel bed at a reasonable amount and enjoy your travel without any sleep disturbances. It can also be an alternative option to your regular mattress if you are someone who does not want to make an investment in a regular mattress. You get all the benefits of a regular mattress without spending too much on it.

Buy Travel Bed Online

When you buy travel bed online from us, you get guaranteed quality. We are reputed mattress manufacturers with years of experience in this industry. That means we design products knowing our customers' needs, implementing their feedback, and then using our expertise and experience to create products that are durable and affordable. 

Our travel beds, too, are a product of those years of experience. These beds are made of premium quality materials to get comfortable sleep even when you are on the mover. The material is such that it can withstand the rigors of travel while still giving you the comfort it is designed for. 

The other advantage you get when you buy travel beds from us is that you get the product delivered free of cost to your doorstep. There is also a warranty period for the travel bed online that you purchase from us. That is not only an assurance of quality from our side but also gives you a great deal of peace as you know that it can be returned in case of any manufacturing defects. 

Features of our Travel Beds Online

Our travel beds are portable and affordable solutions designed for adults' and children's sleep needs. These mattresses provide comfort and a sleep experience similar to home. 

Our travel beds are compact, but there is no compromise on comfort when sleeping on them. It has a design that offers good support to the body and enough air circulation not to trap body heat and sleep hot. 

Our travel beds are multi-purpose and versatile and can be used for sleeping and various activities. It is a carry-around mattress that can be turned into a play mat, exercise mat, or prayer mat. 

It is easy to store, portable and friendly to travel enthusiasts. You can roll or fold it and store it in a small space without any hassles. It can be taken out on family trips, festivals, or other activities. 

We are one of the best travel bed manufacturers as they are made from high-quality materials and sturdy construction and finish. It can be used regularly and last longer due to its durability. 

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