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Sleep is the basic necessity for a great day.

An average man spends 30% of his day in sleep. Not many of us have experienced quality sleep. The ability to quickly fall asleep and retain it for a prolonged period without any possible interruption in terms of pain, discomfort, restlessness, stress, etc., determines the quality of sleep.

It is necessary to achieve deep and timely sleep to have a rejuvenated body and mind. By deep sleep, you can have an action-packed performance throughout the day, with minimal effort. Time to ditch that Coffee!!

First things first. The basic checklist for a good sleep……

  • Mattress and pillow – we need a good foam, hygienic, dust-free, airy, and comfortable.
  • Blanket – cleaned and washed blanket
  • Fresh air – the place needs to be roomy with good ventilation. Fan & AC as suitable for your liking
  • Space in the bed – not cramped, and you can stretch your full body on all sides.

Let us now broach the subject of mattresses and pillows. There is a huge demand for mattresses made of polymeric foams, Memory foams to be precise. In recent times, memory foam beddings are widely sought and preferred and are gaining traction as the best foam material for the mattress due to a wide array of benefits.


We found the answer in the design of the foam structure.

Scientific design of foam structure in memory foam mattress and pillow ensure the following –

  • Tencel cooling cover for cool and regulated Air circulation.
  • Gel memory foam to relieve stress and spinal pain
  • High resilience convoluted Foam for contraction and relaxation
  • High-Density re-bonded foam that provides enhanced support..

What are other features of Memory foam?

Memory foam is viscoelastic, resistant to temperature, low resilience, low damping, and anti-bacterial.

Too technical?  Let us break it down.

  • Mattress and pillow bounce back to shape when you get up from sleep
  • It keeps itself cool and controlled even during the hottest summers
  • It keeps bacteria, mites, and bugs at bay.

How does it help my posture?

The memory foam pillow takes the shape of your neck. This reduces neck pain and limits the force acting on your neck. The foam mattress takes the shape of your body. When you get up rejuvenated from your sleep, it assumes the original position thus supporting healthy body alignment and preventing possible dysfunction.

Other Advantages of Memory foam?

  • Low maintenance – easy to maintain
  • Affordable – Doesn’t cost a fortune
  • Durability – A Long life of 10 years
  • Health benefits – Hypoallergenic & Orthopedic

Other suggestions for great sleep and a fresh mind in the mornings –

  • Yoga and Meditation will help you to regulate your mind and body
  • Keep electronics switched off during your sleep unless you expect an emergency.
  • Consult your doctor for uncommon stress and anxiety.

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