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How to Clean and Maintain Your Memory Foam Mattress: Tips and Tricks

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most comfortable and sustainable products available in the market. Known to reduce body pain and increase sleep quality, memory foam mattresses are popular worldwide. That said, consumers often ask if they can clean their memory foam mattresses. If you’re wondering how to clean and maintain your memory foam mattress, read on to know all the tips and tricks.

Caring for memory foam mattresses doesn’t require a lot of effort. No matter how well we take care of our bed, we might end up spilling something or staining the mattress. Proper cleaning techniques can help maintain the mattress and increase its durability. We have mentioned a few easy tips for memory foam mattresses.

How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress?

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to clean memory foam mattresses:

Lukewarm Water with Detergent

One of the first and easiest ways to clean memory foam mattresses is by using lukewarm water and laundry detergent. One should note not to use a lot of water as it could dampen the foam material of the bedding. Instead, simply spray lukewarm water mixed with laundry detergent and dab the stain with a damp cloth. This should quickly remove the stains on your bed.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on Memory Foam Mattress

Another easy way to maintain a memory foam mattress is by sprinkling baking soda. This method helps to keep your mattress clean and fresh and avoid any smells of prolonged use. One should simply sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it rest for a couple of hours. Once done, just vacuum or dust away the soda on the mattress.

Vacuum Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Speaking of vacuums, these machines can also be used to clean and maintain memory foam mattresses. Vacuum cleaning your mattress removes all dust particles including substances like hair, dead skin cells, and so on. Regular vacuum cleaning also helps in removing allergy-causing particles.

Air-Dry your Memory Foam Mattress

It’s very important to air-dry your memory foam mattress. Almost all manufacturers suggest air-drying your bed regularly. Air-drying bedding will prevent it from being damp for too long. One should also ensure the mattress is completely dry before spreading the next layer of bedding.

Wash Memory Foam Mattress Covers

Some manufacturers provide a cover for memory foam mattresses. If not provided, one can get a cover easily in the market. A memory foam mattress cover can help prevent spills from penetrating the mattress. While using a cover, one must also remember to regularly wash it and dry it completely before putting it back on.

Avoid Spills from Drying

No matter how cautious one might be, spills could occur on your bed. One of the first and foremost things to do when there’s a spill is to wipe it immediately with a cloth. Cleaning a spill when it’s wet is much easier than when it dries up. One should also remember to air-dry the memory foam mattress before putting on other bedding.

Check for Care Instructions

Every memory foam manufacturer will offer a set of care instructions. Users are advised to follow the care instructions for better longevity of the mattress. Generally, the manufacturer would have provided the best care instructions for your mattress as they know all materials that would have gone into making your bed.

These are some of the easy and simple tips to maintain your memory foam mattress. Since most of these steps require common household items, one needn’t worry too much about expenses to maintain a memory foam mattress. Regularly doing these simple tricks could further maintain the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your memory foam mattress.

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