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Sleep is one of the biggest factors for humans. The benefits of good sleep are several, including improved brain function, better mood, enhanced performance and delivery throughout the day, and better health overall. For the same, having good sleep hygiene is crucial. Good sleep hygiene means healthy sleep. Naturally, a good mattress is one of the important factors that deliver sleep hygiene as well as improved sleep.

Here, we’re going to discuss sleep hygiene and the practices to have good sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene refers to practices and habits that promote restful and rejuvenating sleep. Good sleep ensures better work and performance for individuals. Here are some of the important considerations by experts for positive sleep hygiene:

Memory Foam Mattress

One of the crucial factors for sleep hygiene is the right mattress. The modern market is filled with plenty of options. However, memory foam mattress stands out in the crowd for its innumerable benefits. Memory foam mattresses feature visco-elastic material, which contours to the body of the sleeper. This in turn offers better spine, neck, and back support. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is one of the first factors to get healthy sleep hygiene.

Consistent Sleep Schedule

Next, a consistent sleep schedule is highly recommended. A consistent sleep schedule simply means sleeping at the same time and waking up at the same time every day, including on weekends. Generally, sleeping early and waking up early is highly recommended by experts. Getting a consistent sleep schedule ensures a harmonious rhythm, which further enhances your overall sleep hygiene.

Optimized Sleep Environment

Memory foam mattresses and sleep schedule aside, setting up an optimized sleep environment is crucial for sleep hygiene. An optimized sleep environment includes a dark, cool, and quiet room. Dark curtains or eye masks are also encouraged to get the most out of the environment. If one is having trouble getting sleep, a white noise machine is also advised. Topped with a comfortable memory foam mattress, the ideal and optimized sleep environment is created!

Limited Screen Time Before Bed

The modern lifestyle brings with it several new factors like smartphones and other smart devices. The time we spend on these devices, which are mostly connected to the internet, is called screen time. However, screen time before bed can have adverse effects on human beings. The blue light emitted by these devices can interfere with one’s ability to fall asleep. It’s commonly advised to avoid screen time at least an hour before bed for ideal sleep hygiene.

Investing in Best Mattress and Quality Bedding

One cannot stress enough how important the mattress is for sleep hygiene. As mentioned earlier, a memory foam mattress can boost one’s sleep hygiene, offering both comfort and relief to the physical body. At the same time, it’s important to pick up quality bedding materials like breathable and comfortable sheets. One can also choose from orthopedic pillows and other bedding materials. All of these further add to quality sleep hygiene.

Getting Regular Exercise

Humans are built to walk and run around rather than just sit continuously for long hours. This is where regular exercise comes into the picture. Did you know that exercising regularly can further promote sleep hygiene? Engaging oneself in regular physical exercise can promote better sleep. That said, it’s advised to avoid rigorous and heavy workouts before sleep as it activates both the mind and body. Getting regular exercise is important but not too close to bedtime for healthy sleep hygiene.  

Reduce Stress

This brings us to another important factor of sleep hygiene – reducing stress in one’s life. Stress has become a common factor for many with the modern lifestyle. High levels of stress can have a large negative impact on one’s sleep hygiene. For the same, one can reduce stress through techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and so on. Having a calm mind before bedtime can help in reducing stress, which further aids in improved sleep hygiene.

Limiting Large Meals Before Bed

Having large meals before bedtime can cause discomfort to many. Drinking alcohol close to bedtime can further make things worse. Quality sleep hygiene means no meals, especially heavy meals just before bedtime. This also applies to alcohol, which can have adverse effects on the human body in the long run. Experts advise having the last meal at least three hours prior to one’s bedtime.

Overall, one’s sleep hygiene is crucial for a healthy lifestyle in the long run. For one, sleeping well ensures better work. Getting proper rest also signifies a better work-life balance. At the same time, one should note that getting proper sleep hygiene may take time. Keeping consistent and prioritizing sleep can help in creating a routine. Plus, with a memory foam mattress, sleep hygiene is easy as it brings in several benefits and helps improve one’s overall productivity.

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