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Sleeping Difficulties

Resting our body and mind is an important part of our daily routine. Proper rest has a direct influence on our mood, behavior, and work efficiency. It is advised that adults should rest at least 7 hours per day with proper sleep. A night of proper sleep enhances body functions, boosts memory, relieves pain, increases work efficiency, helps develop immunity and balance various hormone levels, and ultimately brings peace. In medical terms inability to sleep well and falling sleepless for a longer duration is termed insomnia. There are more than 10 million cases of insomnia found every year in India. Insomnia is usually self-diagnosable and can be self-treated by focusing on a regular sleep cycle and with some extreme workouts.

But the fact is many people who aren’t suffering from insomnia face sleeping difficulties that mean they fall asleep but their body and mind are not relaxed even after sleeping for more than 7 hours per day, they are still awake tired. They do not have satisfactory sleep due to the problems caused by their mattress. They will be sleeping on the hard uneven mattress for years which leads to uncomfortably in sleeping and in some people it may lead to chronic pain. Such people have to replace their old mattresses with the best relaxing mattress like a memory foam mattress or memory foam ortho mattress as soon as possible before the problem gets adverse. This may sound quite funny but precaution is better than cure, we all may be aware of chronic pain. It takes months of time to cure this, so it is better to be safe and not let chronic pain develop. Our lifestyle decides our overall health condition and investing in the latest technology mattress is definitely not a bad idea.

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People especially working for IT companies have to sit and work for longer durations in front of their system. They are more prone to develop muscle tension if they do not exercise regularly and sleep on a flat good quality mattress.

Some self-cures of sleep difficulties:

It is well-said precaution is better than cure, follow routines that will not give rise to any problems to our body. Insomnia and uncomfortable in sleeping are common problems found among adults and these can be self-cured if we look into our lifestyle seriously. Below are some do’s and don’ts to be followed in our daily lifestyle to beat insomnia and healthy lifestyle:


  • Follow strict eating and sleeping routine.
  • Make a habit of a workout either in the morning or in the evening. If you hate lifting weights then practice Yoga.
  • If you often wake up with a tired face and body in the morning and do not feel that you had satisfactory rest then try replacing your mattresses. Not with a new mattress but with a good quality best relaxing mattress
  • Keep your bedroom clean and oxygenated
  • Do take nap for the refreshment of your mind
  • Go for body massage if your muscles are strained


  • Do not take unnecessary stress.
  • Do not sit continuously on a chair and work for a longer duration, take a break and drink water every hour.
  • Do not consume sleeping pills unnecessarily, if you are addicted it can spoil your health.

Even after following a clean and healthy lifestyle if you face difficulty in sleeping, consult your doctor immediately.

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