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Hostels are one of the most common residential places worldwide. When we think of hostels, we generally think of students who have moved to a different place for their education. Finding the right hostel might take a while. But finding the right hostel bed might not be all that difficult. The right hostel bed mattress can help a student stay comfortable and enhance their studies.

At the same time, modern-day hostels aren’t just limited to students. Several tourists opt to stay in hostels worldwide as they offer an inexpensive accommodation option. Tourist hostels might be slightly different than student hostels. But as far as hostel beds are concerned, they are generally similar.

Hostel beds are commonly designed to be shared with other residents. This can be in the form of bunker beds or double beds. Getting a hostel mattress is quite different from getting one for your home. For one, the hostel bed price is something the buyer needs to keep in mind. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a hostel bed mattress, including options like foam and spring mattresses.

Types of Hostel Bed Mattress

One of the first things to check before getting a bed for a hostel is what kind of accommodation the hostel is providing. As mentioned earlier, there are generally bunker beds or double beds in hostels. One can choose the kind of mattress they want based on the type of bed they opt for.

Hostel Bunker Beds: Bunker beds are quite common in both student and tourist hostels. Here, lightweight and sturdy mattresses are required.  Both foam and spring beds make a good choice.

Hostel Double Bed: Apart from bunker beds, hostels commonly provide double beds with sharing. Rooms with double beds require stronger mattresses as these generally become a hangout room for many. Again, foam and spring mattresses both come in as a good choice. Yet, several experts recommend a foam mattress for hostel double beds as spring coir tends to weigh down over time.

This brings us to the debate on whether to get a coir or a foam mattress for hostel beds. Both are ideal – whether you’re running a hostel or planning to move into one with your own mattress. Let’s take a look at foam and coir mattresses for hostels:

Foam Mattress for Hostels: Foam mattresses for hostels are a good choice to consider for several reasons. For one, foam mattresses have high durability, which can last even up to 20 years, depending on the firmness and thickness of the bed. Foam mattresses are easy to store as they can be easily compressed and rolled, making them ideal for hostels with limited room space.

That said, foam hostel bed price is generally on the higher side. They are more expensive than coir ones. Moreover, foam beds are tightly bound, which doesn’t offer much air circulation. This can further lead to more sweating in summer and hot seasons.

Coir Mattress for Hostels: Coir mattresses come in as another choice for hostel beds, which also have many pro-points. For one, coir mattresses for hostel beds are significantly cheaper than foam ones. They are also designed for excessive sitting, which is common in hostels. So, whether your guests are sitting or sleeping, coir mattresses come in as a good choice.

At the same time, coir mattresses tend to lose their bounciness over time. When compared to foam mattresses, coir beds tend to have lower durability and tend to wear out in just about five years. They also get squeaky over time, which is another drawback.

All in all, hostel beds have a unique set of requirements that buyers should consider. For instance, hostel beds in India require mattresses that can also help keep cool in the hot summers. Apart from the price factor, one should look into the size, firmness, and durability of the mattress for hostel beds.

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