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Paying guest accommodation or PGs is quite common in many countries, including India. While being identical to hostels, PGs have a unique identity of their own. For one, residents of PGs can choose to have a single room or share it with other residents. This also gives them the freedom to set up their residential space as they wish, including bringing in mattresses and beds.

Many PGs in India offer beds and mattresses in-house. Buying beds for PG can be quite tricky as there are multiple options available in the market. If you’re planning to get PG bed mattresses, here’s everything you need to know before making that purchase. This includes PG mattress prices, types of beds for PGs, and more.

Firstly, PG beds can be classified according to room type. Unlike hostels, most PGs offer single or double-sharing rooms. Most PGs also don’t use bunker beds as these would give it a complete hostel-like vibe. Both single and double-sharing rooms in PGs require soft, comfortable beds for residents, and several kinds are available in the market today.

PG Bed Mattresses: Types to Choose From

As mentioned previously, there are several kinds of beds for PG. Foam mattresses and spring coir mattresses make a good choice. If you wish to make your PG even more luxurious, you can also opt for memory foam mattresses or foam toppers for extra cushioning. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of PG bed mattresses:

Foam Mattress for PGs

Foam mattresses come in as a valid choice for PG accommodations as they have high durability. One can invest in a good foam mattress and not worry about it for nearly 20 years. Of course, this would depend on the firmness, thickness, and comfort level of the mattress.

If you have limited space in your PG, foam mattresses can take care of this too as they can be compressed and rolled away in a corner. That said, foam mattresses are tightly knit and bound, reducing air circulation. If your PG is situated in a hot climatic area, foam beds might be a tad bit uncomfortable in the summer.

Coir Mattress for PGs

Apart from foam mattresses, coir mattresses are another option for PG accommodators. One of the first important features of coir mattresses is their design. The spring mattresses are designed to be bouncy, which is ideal for excessive sitting. PG rooms can be common hangout spots for residents, and bringing in a coir mattress can make it ideal for long sitting hours.

At the same time, the bounciness of coir mattresses might wear out over time. The springs in the mattress also tend to become squeaky, which can dampen the overall residential experience. Moreover, coir mattresses tend to have lower durability when compared to foam beds. Experts say coir spring mattresses can wear out in about five years.

PG Mattress Price

As seen before, PG mattress price is one of the important factors to keep in mind. Like most other things, the pricing budget for your PG accommodation has to be set. This includes PG mattress price – which is one of the important factors you must keep in mind.

We previously saw both foam and spring coir mattresses for PG residents. One should note that foam mattresses are priced at the higher end of the price scale. On the other hand, coir spring mattresses are much cheaper than foam ones.

However, foam beds for PGs are considered to be a long-term investment. On the other hand, if you don’t have much of a budget, you can pick on coir mattresses, which are also available at a wide range of affordable prices. To conclude, any kind of mattress for PG would make a good investment with good and hygienic maintenance.

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