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Neo Baby Mattress

Bring this Neo baby mattress for a heavenly comfortable night’s sleep. So let your baby get pampered with the feel of mother's lap on this Neo baby mattress.

Ensure a Resounding Sleep every night!

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Neo Baby Bed Features



The high quality of the product makes it durable. The comforter is designed in a way that gives them an extreme level of comfort and warmth.


Pleasant Sleep

Perfect for usage in air-conditioned rooms (AC Room) and during Mild Winters, Our superior comforter offers optimum comfort while sleeping.


Wash Care

Washable and non-dusty material and safe.



Playing and sleeping on the bed makes up from the cold surface or floor.


Light Weight

Light-weighted, Easy to put inside your backpack, and bring it along to wherever you and your baby go.



Enhance the durability of your mattress with waterproof protectors. Protect from accidental spills stains and other impressions that could damage the mattress irreparably.

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes, a baby mattress is available in a custom size.

Yes, the waterproof Baby mattresses are washable and are machine-friendly with a mild wash cycle.

The waterproof baby mattress gives superior protection to your mattress against stains. You don’t have to worry about soaking the mattress by accidental spills.

In washing machine or in hand we can wash baby mattress.

For bulk orders, email us at or drop in a whatsapp message to +91 6366350009. Our representatives will call you within 48 hours.

How Baby Mattresses Help Your Child Sleep Better

As a parent, you want only the best of everything for your child. While you splurge on a nursery, toys, interiors, and even a beautiful crib, one thing that is most needed and brought without too much thought is the mattress. Yes, you may think that a sturdy crib is all that is needed to keep your baby safe and comfortable, but you should put enough thought into the mattress. A wrong choice can affect the quality of sleep of the baby and also have an impact on health. Choosing a baby mattress is a great responsibility but it need not be overwhelming. Shop for our baby mattress, and rest assured you and your baby will sleep well. 

A Happy Baby And A Happy You: Buy Baby Mattresses Online

A baby's mattress is different from regular mattresses of grown-ups. The regular mattresses are designed with the needs of the adults, whereas our baby mattress is built bearing in mind a toddler's sleep. Babies spend a large part of their day on a mattress; hence, it is important to buy a baby mattress online that provides good sleep.

Parents usually have the perception that since the baby is so small and the skin so soft that sleeping on a soft surface is the most comfortable. But babies need a different surface than what an adult needs. Instead of a soft surface, they need a bed that is firm and flat. 

Sleep is very important to kids as their development largely depends on how well they sleep. We have used our experience in the mattress industry and come up with a baby mattress that is suited for their sleep. Our baby mattress online is designed to provide a firm, flat, cosy surface for your crib that allows babies to sleep without any disturbances. 

Irrespective of the material you choose, our baby mattress is made from materials that are non-toxic and breathable making them very comfy to sleep on. Baby mattresses online come in many sizes, and depending on the size of the crib; you can book a baby mattress online. Make sure to measure the crib before you place an order and choose a baby mattress online from the comforts of your home. 

Why Choose From Our Baby Mattress Online In India

Suits all types of sleeping furniture

Every house is different, and so even the sleeping furniture differs from one house to another. While some nurseries might have a bassinet, others have a crib, or some moms prefer to make their baby sleep on a cot. To cater to these needs, we have designed a baby mattress that can be used on all types of sleeping furniture. You could pick something that can fit into your furniture. 

Designed by experts

All our mattresses, including the baby bed mattress, are designed by engineers and sleep experts with years of experience in the mattress industry. Due to their expertise, we have come up with a variety of baby mattresses that are perfect for toddlers and newborns with more sensitive skin. Our baby memory foam mattress is designed to support the baby’s growing neck and back. Even if they sleep in the wrong positions, they don’t wake up cranky due to aches. The top layer is made of premium quality materials that keep them snug during the cold winter and sweat-free in the warmer months. 

Comes with a warranty

Our baby mattresses online come with a warranty and is a proof of our belief in the manufacturing process and the high-quality materials used. When you buy from us, the baby mattress price is affordable, and you get a warranty on them. So you can be sure that it stays supportive and comfortable for a long time. Our mattress is something that can be passed on to the baby’s siblings. So you don’t have to change them frequently. 

Features of our Baby Mattress

Our mattress for infants can be purchased online in a few clicks and delivered to your doorstep. Your baby is safe in our mattress, so make a baby bed and buy online from us without hesitation. 

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