Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all the queries about Noerest

Customer’s comfort and rejuvenation has always been a top priority at NeoBest.

With extensive R&D, our mattresses are designed to give you an undisturbed, calm and comfortable sleep with “Air Circulation Technology” to keep you cool even in summers.

In addition, our mattresses are well known for its motion transfer resistance which controls or reduces the effect or disturbances of twisting and turning during your sleep.

The memory foam possesses a unique property of molding into the shape of the body due to heat and pressure. These high density foams provide flexibility and comfort to your sleeping position which in turn avoids unnecessary pain/discomfort. The memory foam rebounds back to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

The price list varies on the basis of size and dimension of the mattress. Please check the ‘products’ section for detailed prices.

The multi-layered memory foam from NeoBest is made up of gel memory foam, profile foam and re-bonded foam.

The profile foam has a unique design of an egg tray which allows it to store clusters of air across empty spaces. Once the pressure is exerted on the mattress these air clusters are released which travels to the laminated gel memory foam layer resulting in a cooling effect thus stabilizing the temperature throughout your sleep. This Air Circulation technology controls the mattress temperature and keeps you from experiencing excessive heat even during the hottest summers.

NeoBest mattresses come with a 10 year warranty period. Normally, NeoBest mattress should last for ages. However, there are many elements that can increase or decrease the longevity of the mattress.

The density of the memory foam allows your bed to last longer when compared to the conventional mattresses; it does not result in squeaking, creaking, sagging or development of the bodily impressions.

Mildew, molds or dust mites do not attract the mattress. NeoBest mattresses are made of hypoallergenic material which keeps allergens, bacteria, bugs and mites at bay. However, you can also enhance the property by using a waterproof hypoallergenic mattress pad.

The easiest and simplest way to clean the memory mattress is by vacuuming. A hand-held vacuum cleaner is a perfect option for cleaning the memory foam. However, before vacuuming you need to remove the Antimicrobial Cotton blend cover which is placed over the mattress. Ensure to vacuum all the sides of the mattress as well.

If you have stains, the perfect way to get rid of them is by using mild detergents. If you do not have a mild detergent, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar and clean the stains with a sponge. If you have a liquid spilled over, place the mattress under the sunlight immediately and keep turning the sides of the mattress periodically to dry out evenly.

If there is no sunlight, you can place some baking soda over it to make it dry perfectly. If your mattress is slightly damp, then use a blow dryer for drying it. We recommend using mattress protectors to avoid accidental or unnecessary damages to your mattress.

A Double size mattress can handle a combined weight of 75 to 200kgs and the Single mattress can handle around 90 to 100kgs at a given point.

Do check our website and social media handles (Instagram and facebook) regularly for updates on exclusive discounts, festive offers and coupon codes.

Mattresses from NeoBest are available at a variety of dimensions to choose from.However, if you still do not find the right size write to us at and our supporting team will get in touch with you regarding customization as soon as possible.

NeoBest is an I.S.O 9001-2015 company certified by the International Organisation for Standard which ensures quality, safety and efficiency of Products, Services and Systems. We, at NeoBest manufacture mattresses and bedding accessories with utmost hygienic and controllable conditions. All our manufacturing and supply chain processes are safe, monitored and certified by relevant authorities.

he higher density of our memory foam results in prolonged durability in comparison with Latex Foam, Coir and Innerspring mattresses where innerspring mattresses weaken and lose its integrity and comfort level over a period of time resulting in shorter life.

The combination of gel memory foam, profile foam, and re-bonded foam with Air Circulation Technology along with hypoallergenic and motion transfer resistance properties, our mattresses and other bedding accessories stand out from the rest. With a 10 year warranty on the mattress and the use of superior and eco friendly materials such as Tencel Fabric, we assure you a cradle like sleep and comfort.

NeoBest never compromises on quality however, there may be tiny defects in the normal course of manufacturing. In such cases, NeoBest will provide ‘100 TRIAL NIGHTS’ replacement policy.

We provide inspection and replacement facilities at your doorstep with minimal transportation cost under normal warranty terms & conditions. Kindly refer to the warranty card provided along with your product for more details on warranty claims.